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Regeneration Consulting

Based on your existing resources, I support you on your path towards increased regeneration - from complex strategy development over condensed leadership workshops to simple product or process adjustments. I develop individual solutions based on your requirements to make your organisation future-proof. Send me an email today to start the process.​

co-creation and Facilitation for Food Business leaders

You do not know how best to kick-off a new project? 

You are going to merge departments or teams?

You want to overcome miscommunication and frustration within your teams, but want to create more synergies among departments and improve internal communication?

Then my two-days workshop format is right for you! For this leaders from different teams in one food business exclusively come together in a seminar hotel surrounded by beautiful nature.

This is one exemplary workshop schedule:

  • Keynote on the future of food 

  • Describing and evaluating the current situation 

  • Developing a common strategy including goals and milestones

  • Defining measures and concrete next steps

  • Additional optional workshop inputs from my side: appreciative communication; connected leadership 

  • Three and six weeks later: Process update calls on progress and challenges

Of course I adapt each workshop format to your individual needs and preferences.


Get in touch and I am looking forward to meeting and exchanging with you! 

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