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I am a sustainability expert with the thematic focus on "Future Food“. I inspire, consult and invite to new perspectives for existing resources. I future-proof yourself, your company or organisation for  the fast-changing and emerging complexities of our (food) world.

In my book "Connect Yourself" I also write about food. But even more do I want to inspire people to create a meaningful and happy life through connecting again to themselves, other people and nature itself. 


As a member of the foundation council of the foodward foundation in Zurich, Switzerland, I contribute to shaping the future of food. The foodward foundation aims for generating excellence in food through diverse activities: education, start-up support (finance, network and mentoring) and project work for food companies. 


I am also the co-founder of two companies:

1. Inspiration Journeys (Personal Growth & Future Skills Coaching) 

2. Sustainable Food Academy (Sustainability Trainings -    terminated in 2021)

Next to my entrepreneurial endeavours, I also love to teach and inspire. Therefore, I am the Head of Navigation Module of the MSc in "Preneurship For Regenerative Food Systems" at ZHAW, Wädenswil, Switzerland. The content of the master program aims at finding transformative solutions for our food system based on the principles of regeneration, preneurship and food system architecture. I also very excited to be in charge and lecture on topics of "Personal Resilience" as part of the programs disruption days once a year.

Together with systemic consultant, leadership coach and design thinking trainer Steffen Bahnsen I co-founded the Inspiration Journeys, where we offer Personal Growth and Future Skills online and offline coaching formats. Together with a strong team of experts we make individuals, companies and organisations future-fit based on their exiting strengths and resources. For all our (online and offline) coaching formats we apply our Future Skills Framework to facilitate your personal and professional growth. 

I am also member of the Board of Advisors at the Institute of Culinary Art and solely responsible for the topic of Future Food.

Together with the SFA and our project partner Leuphana University we conducted the “NaReLe” project funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research. The focus of the 3,5 years educational project (2018-2021) was to develop learning approaches for institutionalising sustainability in vocational trainings in the food industry.

As a strategic policy consultant, project manager and researcher, I previously worked for the United Nations (UN), the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in the areas of ​​climate policy & economic development. I advised diverse public and private decision-makers on sustainability topics. I hold a bachelor’s degree in “International Business / East Asian Management (B.A.)” and a Master (M.Sc.) in “Development Management“ from the London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE).


I am a plant-powered optimist, travel enthusiast, mum, animal and nature lover with my base in Munich and Zurich. I love to meet and exchange with progressive, purpose-driven people, companies and organizations around the globe that are effectively improving our existing food systems. I laugh a lot, try to climb a mountain every week and dance as often as I can.

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