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Denise is a regeneration expert with the thematic focus on "future food“ and a self-leadership mentor. She future-proofs individuals, companies and organisations for  the fast-changing and emerging complexities of our (inside and outside) world.


In her book "Connect Yourself" she inspires people to create a more meaningful and happier life through including purpose, personal resilience and self-worth into one’s goal setting.


As a member of the board at the foodward foundation in Zurich, Switzerland, Denise contributes to generating excellence in food through diverse activities: educational leadership programmes, start-up support (finance, network and mentoring) and project work for food companies. 


Denise also co-founded two companies and loves to envision transformative (food) solutions through an entrepreneurial perspective. As the head of Navigation Module of the MSc in "Preneurship For Regenerative Food Systems" at ZHAW, Wädenswil, Switzerland she conceptualises the program’s content, lectures and also facilitates a „Personal Resilience Week" as part of the program.


As a strategic policy consultant, project manager and researcher, she previously worked for the United Nations (UN), the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in the areas of climate policy & economic development. Denise advised diverse public and private decision-makers on sustainability topics. She holds a bachelor’s degree in “International Business / East Asian Management (B.A.)” and a Master (M.Sc.) in “Development Management“ from the London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE).


Denise feels that we have not tapped into most of our human potentials that are connected to the heart (intuition, compassion, creativity) and is excited how these qualities are already emerging and starting to play a crucial role in solving today’s challenges. Because true impact can only be generated by connecting the mind (ratio, technology, policy, finance) with the heart - one key approach of regeneration.


She is a plant-powered and open-hearted optimist, travel enthusiast, mum, and nature lover with her base in Munich. Denise laughs a lot, loves to meet with purpose-driven people and exchange on impactful ideas.

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